Gravit Cloud

An innovative way to save your work

Gravit started it's history online: an online, accessible and free design tool. As time went by, with amazing ideas and a lot of hard work from our passionate team, Gravit conquered the offline world too. Now, we launch another product, Gravit Klex, a design tool for non-designers, while the Designer app continues being improved day by day.

With all the changes from online to offline and the launching of another brand new design platform, we spent some time thinking about the best way to integrate everything: the users from the previous online platform, the offline users, new users... the best way to synchronize all these and create an even smoother experience for our awesome users.

And this is how the Gravit Cloud came to be! This is a new platform that allows you to save your work to an online storage and synchronize your files from both Gravit apps, Designer and Klex.

When You save a file to the Cloud, it is safely stored there, in your Cloud Space, to be opened from anywhere that allows you to access your account. Not only this is perfect for those who want practicality, but also this ensures that you always keep a copy of your work.

With the Cloud's amazing Synchronization system, every file created on the Designer app can be opened on the Klex app, and vice-versa. All the assets and pre-designed layouts available on Klex are also available on the Cloud to be opened and customized on the Designer app. We are constantly updating our stocks with more and more awesome assets and layouts, which are immediately available for you on the Cloud.

The Cloud is also the way if you used the previous online Designer app. Remember your workspace there? Well, now, when you connect with your Gravit account and open your Cloud Space, you will see all your work there. New files and the good old files you created on the previous version, everything ready to be perfectly opened on Designer and Klex apps.

If you're a long time user, check the Cloud and rejoice; if you're new around here, why not create an account and check our awesome Design experience? It's free, and you will surely not regret it!

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